I AM Jeff Davis


About Me

Ten years ago I set out on a journey to explore the potential that was hiding in me. I knew there must be a way to find balance in the chaos that this life can throw our way. I took a very difficult and honest look deep into my soul and realized that I had become burdened and damaged by chronic stress, my diet, and poor attention to my fitness. I was not the man inside or out that I knew I was meant to be.

That reflection led me down a path of experimentation and the exploration of many different practices. I began to meditate. I started practicing yoga and began to understand the power of intention. This new energy also led me to look at diet and fitness in a different way. I had been spending much of my efforts in training focused on way too much cardio, and traditional heavy weight training.

I had gains and returns with these methods but I never could sustain the gains. I often ended up injured and my routine would then fall away leaving me often worse and more frustrated than before. I became interested in training with tools and practices that were not common in the everyday gym environment at that time. I discovered through real application just how critical functional movement in all planes, liberated play and laughter, and last but not least, quality rest were to improving my body and my spirit. This created real purpose in my training.

This journey also led me to the Paleo and Primal community and lifestyle. I prefer the more inclusive term of Ancestral Lifestyle. This approach to diet and day to day living, not only made sense, but the positive effects it had on my mind, body, and spirit were amazing. It has been my motivation, in becoming certified as a Primal Health Coach. 

One of the greatest gifts of knowledge that I received from this specific 10 years of exploration is that it is a difficult road at times to go alone. There is a pain in this quest to find your true self that can be difficult for others to understand. I know that I felt truly alone much of the time. 

It is my passion to share the experiences that I have had and the transformations that are possible with as many people as possible. I want to make sure that others have a safe place to expand and never be alone in the fight. I understand how valuable external support and guidance can be when going through transformative actions in your life. I am also aware of just how hard it can be to put that first action in place to start these transformations. I respect any person brave enough to stare themselves down and not settle. I have felt the sting of realizing that my true spirit was being extinguished and want you to see that you have the power to reignite that light. It is my intention to plant those seeds of change and help cultivate the best possible version of you.